10 Facts About Comics and Comic Readers

In celebration of New York Comic Con 2013, comiXology has conducted an extensive customer survey to learn more about the curious habits of digital comic book readers.

1. 80% of comic book readers read on a tablet.

44% read on a computer, and 36% read on a phone.

2. 55% of the total respondents admitted to reading digital comics on the potty.

3. Night time is reading time.

Over 2/3 of all respondents like to do their reading late at night. Instead of other activities. You know what we mean.

4. Spending habits on digital comic books are:

The average spend is 100 dollars per year. 25% spend an average of 400 dollars or more per year. The most spent by one person is 63,129 dollars.


5. Money is a touchy subject. 4 out of 10 hide how much they spend on digital comics from their significant other.

10% would be killed if they shared that number. Obviously, since they do most of their reading late at night. Instead of that other thing.


6. Comics? Sure. What else?

30% of respondents read books daily.

7. 36% exercise 2-3 times a week, while 25% play video games daily.

8. 2013 is a great year for apocalyptic movies.

The top 3 movies of 2013 without a comic tie-in. But we’d love to see a comic based on all three.

First movie is “This is the end,” second is “Elysium,” and third is “The World’s End”

9. Most Comixology readers aren’t pirates.

10. 1/4 of people have downloaded pirated digital comics, that’s 25% less than in 2012.

Truly the world of comics is fascinating. People rely on comics to entertain them and to make their day a little better.