Comics Superheroes- Top Movies Adaptation

You might have heard of Ironman, spiderman,batman,deadpool and many humans who uses a superhero costumes and possess a super natural power. They were first seen in comic books way back 1837 but now it has come across the world even to movies and entertainment. It may have generated a lot in the world of books and literature but it has earned more in the field of movies and entertainment. Here are some of the comics superhero that came to life through movies.

1.Marvel’s The Avengers- known for the team up Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Hawk Eye. This comics that was first seen by public in the year 1963 is number one in the most grossing comic movie ever. Generating a whooping $623,357,910 with an opening of  $207,438,708. This record might be hard to be shatter unless you make them collaborate again and add some more big comic stars.

2. The Dark Knight- Even though batman doesn’t have supernatural powers his intelligence makes him more stronger than the others from Bot-to technical services. This comic superhero which came first in 1939 became a superhero hit generating $534,858,444 for one movie alone.

3. Spiderman – Who is your friendly neighborhood? Spiderman movie first appeared in 2002 and has generated $403,706,375 for its 1st movie debut.

4. Deadpool – This comic superhero wouldn’t be here if the avengers were not counted as a group. Nevertheless this unorthodox comic superhero generated a $363,070,709 for his debut. Too good for a first timer.

AB Publishing owner who is an avid fan of comics said that it doesn’t matter who comes first or last.