What is Graphic Art – A variety of comedy

Many people are attracted to persons with humor. They find them comfortable to be with and can spend more time with them. Not many people can have this ability and you’re lucky to have someone near you who has the ability. Naturally they are more missed when they are away. Even if you’re the type of person who do not speak to strangers you cannot deny that if someone humorous talk to you unknowingly  you will smile during or after the conversation.

What is graphic humor? To answer this lets break down this two words and define each. Humor is a sense or ability to  entertain or let someone laugh and it is also the ability to perceive something as funny or amusing. Humor is to have fun and be amuse while graphic means a picture , illustration or graph. With this definitions we can say graphic humor is making someone laugh, be entertained and be amuse through a picture, illustration or graph.

“Being humorous is not easy” said by our cad friend but you can become one. People who are not born like one want to be humorous so they practice and make their own jokes. Have you experienced trying to be humorous and crack a joke but they did not understand and asked you to explain or say it again? Again, its not easy but if you want to see someone smile why not make a graphic joke in a piece of paper and give it to them. It’s a great way to start practicing.