Tips in making a creative graphic art

A graphic designer, is a designer which is making an art using  a software or a high tech device using the computer and is used as a tool to make a creative art. A graphic designer uses a lot of tools and techniques to master. Through this innovation the world of art and design are changed. Imagine billboards without image? or news and magazine without pictures it might be boring and won’t sell much. So we must make a design that will captivate our viewers.

The following are tips on how to build a creative graphic arts:

  1. Take note of Font Spacing.
  2. Make your design dynamic change the scaling of your object and elements.
  3. Spacing should be observed for all objects.
  4. Be mystic choose good color combination.
  5. 3C’s, Clean,Clear and Crisp.
  6. Make the order of your objects align.
  7. Sometimes you should just make it simple
  8. Use of hierarchy to give emphasis to the message you want to convey
  9. Play with symmetry like vertical/horizontal lines.
  10. Take a break it helps our brain to stimulate new and creative ideas.
  11. Research before you create and design. Gather data and build your own.
  12. Be knowledgeable of current events.
  13. Have a pen and paper with you all the time. Our mind doesn’t sleep. Ideas pops out anytime.

One graphic designer and part time employee in company said that it takes time to build a design. But take note that it is a worth while in creating an art using SEO. So enjoy what you do and make the most out of it.