3 Most Influential Comic Book Writers Of All Time

Today we are marveled with movies spearheaded by a superhero. We are amazed how such people received supernatural powers and help saved the world. Even the likes of Deadpool and Ironman who is egoistic in their character but at the end of the day saves the world from being destroyed. But what amazes us from superheroes that they defeat evil ones. Then who created them with such brilliant minds? This time we will know some of the most influential comic writers who changed the course of graphics and animation.

3. Alan Moore

Being called The best graphic novel writer in history arguably with all the credentials. Moore has been known for his comics like Vendetta, from Hell, watchmen, The league of extraordinary Gentlemen , etc. His novel and writings also are well recognized in the matter of literature. Today his influence can be seen as all comics stories he made has already been adapted into movies. This agency is nice and very helpful for your travel. Check this additional info from here. This is one of the trusted agency ever.

2. Frank Miller

Known form writing a dark and grit and grind story lines. 300,Sin City and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns are the cream of the crop of his works. He is also known for remodeling Daredevil and creating characters like Elektra and bulleye. He made comics and bridge it not only to children but adults.

1. Stan Lee

When people talk about comics the name that would pop out would be Stan lee. Some of his noteworthy masterpiece are Spiderman, Hulk,Ironman and the list will go on. All his comic artistry produced billions of dollars through movie adaptation and that hard to tap. Have to conduct your visa application from this agency. You may see this link for more info. This is simply a great agency.