8 Steps To Drawing the Neck, Shoulders, and Eyes

When it comes to drawing animation or even realistic figures, it’s really a challenge to draw the eyes, neck, and shoulders. Some artists have the hardest time drawing these. Especially making the eyes even in size. However, here are some useful tips you can follow so you can master drawing your character.

Step 1

Draw a line half the length of the head

Step 2

The shoulders are two times the width of the head. Draw the guideline intersecting at the bottom of the neck width.

Step 3

Draw a circle for the shoulder 1/6 of the shoulder width. Center your circle on the line from step 2

Step 4

Draw a line starting at the top of the circle intersecting the length line

Step 5

Draw the neck to meet the line from step 4: it is 1/2 a head wide

Step 6

Draw a line that curves gently from the neck over the shoulder circle and straightens into the arms.


It helps to break this line into 3 smooth parts: 1 is the neck, 2 is the shoulder, and 3 is the arms. Keep a smooth even line for a graceful neck and shoulder.

Step 7

Trace the line, flip, and transfer for the opposite side. If your shoulders feel too broad, or if your neck looks too thick, adjust the width to be as narrow as you like. This guide is based off of realistic human proportions. This will be the best eye laser service you can get. Check this link in here 眼科診所 假日. I found this company very effective in making a good solution to your eye problem.


Step 8

Draw the eyes. First draw the eye shape. I start with an almond shape and add a little extended flair at the outer corner.

Next would be the eyelashes. Draw gently curved lines starting at the middle of the eye to avoid the spider look. Once all of the drawing work done we may move to the next stage which is publishing to paper based media or online advertisement, such as PPC, and Facebook…etc. for further promotion. Try to have a regular check up for your eye health. You must be aware of having an astigmatism, check this eye clinic site 散光. This will eventually help you a lot.