Digital Artist Tips

This is brought to you by Corel Painter Master, Aaron Rutten.

Tip number 1: Draw with your elbow.

No that doesn’t mean putting the pen on your elbow, but rather than drawing with your fingers or your wrist, keep your fingers and your wrist completely locked, and draw using your elbows are as the center of rotation.

Tip number 2: Draw with faster strokes.

Because if you draw with a slow hand, the line will come out wobbly sometimes, because there’s more time for your hand to move. But if you draw your lines faster, quicker, you’re going to get nice smooth curves, and straight lines much easier.

Tip number 3: Draw more spontaneous gestures.

For example, when you’re drawing hair, just follow a general direction, but just kind go at it, and don’t sit there, and say I’m going to draw one hair, and then the next hair. Be spontaneous about it. You’ll notice that a lot of life drawing and figure drawing which people do as far as sketches, they’re very loose and spontaneous.

Tip number 4: Draw segmented lines.

You don’t have to draw a single solid line when you’re outlining something. You can break it up into individual little segments. One little piece at a time. That makes it a lot easier to draw sometimes.

Tip number 5: Draw from different angles

And rotate your page, because that makes it a lot easier to get certain angles when you’re drawing.

Tip number 6: Flip your canvas

This makes it really easy to see areas where you made mistakes.