Drawing Tips


These are drawing tips by Will Terrel. These are tips that helped him tremendously with improving his line work. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

So let’s get started.

Tip number 1: Sketch lightly.

It’s really important to sketch slightly when you’re doing your initial lay-in for your drawing. The reason for this is if you go too dark, it’s going to either smudge the page, or even after you add the ink line work, you’re not going to be able to erase the line drawing underneath it.

This is something he finds often beginning arts do. It’s either they draw really, really dark or really, really timidly.

Sometimes he even goes lighter than the drawing he does initially, but for the purposes of the video he is going a little darker for the purposes of the camera.

If you do end up going too dark with your initial lay in, it’s okay. Just go ahead and take a needed eraser and knock back the tone a little bit. He’ll even do that when does a pentel sketch. He’ll do the initial lay in, sketch it out, make it really messy, but keep it light.

He’ll also use his needed eraser to knock it back, almost to where you barely see it on the page, and redraw the entire thing a little bit darker.

And he’ll even do that until he finds the form perfectly before he does the final inked version.