How To Self-Publish Comics

Last year, the speaker has written and published two comic books and she’s almost done with her third. A lot of people have been asking how she self-publishes her books.

First things first, you need to get a pretty decent manuscript. Something that’s basically finished. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent edited, but you kind of need to know your basic page count, and how much you want to sell it for.

You’re going to need to buy an ISBN number and a barcode, and technically both of these are optional, but really, you should be getting them. The ISBN is that nine or 13 digit number on a book that identifies the book name, title, and all that kind of stuff to book sellers.

The ISBN is a format that can be read by scanners.

As soon as you buy them you can associate them together, and they’ll have a walk through for that so don’t even worry about it.

You can buy both of these at A barcode is 25 dollars, and ISBN you can buy them in packs. You can buy 1, 10, 100 or 1,000. Honestly, I recommend buying 10, because you’re going to have to change that manuscript several times. For 1 ISBN number is 150 dollars.

ISBN numbers are expensive. I don’t know why they’re expensive. I guess it’s because they control the market, and they can do that if they want.

Once you have your ISBN number, you just go to createspace, which is a print-on-demand company run by Amazon. The book is printed and shipped to them if somebody wants to order your comic book.