8 of the most best selling comic book of all time

Comic book is a form of modern literature that is used to entertain children, teenagers and frankly all kinds of ages. This type of literature can be found in many places in the world whether your from the east coast or western coast. People of different walk of life gets hook to this truth of the matter is it even reaches the cinema as adapted movie. The following are 8 of the most sold comic book in the history of mankind.

8. Dragon Ball – You wish you had a Kamehameha wave to erase the people you hated. This Comic book originated in Japan authored by Akira toriyama and sold 200 Million copies Worldwide thanks to the genius of a super saiyan.

7. The Adventures of Tintin – This comic book about a boy and a dog sold 200 million copies. Authored by Georges Remi

6.Captain America – Known for his patriotism to his country. Capt. America rake in 210 million copies sold.

5.X-Men- Led by wolverine and the rest of the pack. This comic book made by Stan Lee sold over 270 million copies worldwide.

4. One Piece – This was spearheaded by Elichiro Oda and ballooning to 345 million copies. The main character mistakenly ate a cursed fruit with 宏閩 that made him rubber.


3.Spiderman – This does not surprise us. Selling 350 million copies worldwide.

2.Batman- This is not mysterious not like the man behind the mask. 460 Million copies were sold to this date.

1.Superman – As his name implies this comic book sold a super 600 Million copies and continuous to touch many lives up to this day.