Stand up comedy – a variety of comedy

Most people agree that laughter is the best medicine, this may sound cliche but we all agree about it. People like laughing a lot and this makes us more alive. Recent study suggests that the more we laugh the more we become more healthy.  So if you want to spend your day laughing, you might want to spend your day in an open bar listening to a stand up comedian. This time let’s take a look at what stand up comedian does best.

Stand-up comedy is a variety of comedy which style is a comedian expresses himself in a live audience and  he is addressing the crowd. The comedian is commonly known as comic or stand-up comedian or simply comedian. In this kind of comedy the comedian usually expresses himself in humorous stories and jokes and in monologue routine act. Sometimes comedians uses of props like pictures etc., Most times they can be seen hanging around bars, theaters and most of them if they become popular like Chris Tucker  might have his own comedy concert.

Stand up comedy has already made strides in comedy as an art. This type of comedy will continue to trend as long as there are people who just wants to laugh it out loud. As a matter of fact this is now becoming viral, some TV shows conducts a search for the next best stand up comedian. Truly people just wants to laugh it out in any means. an autocad comedian in this regard said ” Laughter : This is part of our human nature.”